Making Online Ordering Easy

The FoodHouse Portal, 0% Commission Website and APPS will make ordering food a lot easier for any potential customers.

The FoodHouse for Restaurant & Takeaway Owners

We are helping local and national businesses recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

You can receive orders via our own terminal machine or a App on your smartphone using our Partner Hub.

The FoodHouse offers an online ordering experience for your customer to view and order directly from your menu. You can have your very own branded website which will showcase your menu and you will be listed The FoodHouse website to advertise your shop.

The FoodHouse setup costs is considerably lower than some of our national competitors, and as we have been operating stand alone takeaway and restaurant sites for over 15 years, we totally understand you and your customer requirements.

It can be an inexpensive way to operate your own website and we are happy to work with you to make your website as functional as you need it to be to help increase your sales. Our takeaway and restaurant website has been tried and tested over the years and has many experienced shop owners giving us some fantastic feedback. This has helped to develop it over the years so that it is the best and easiest experience for your customers. Why not check out The FoodHouse portal & demo website below and see for yourself.

Call us FREE on 0800 464 7720 to setup your branded website and app today!

Features & Benefits

Skills and Experience

We are experts in programming websites and have been working with the takeaway restaurant industry for over 12 years and fully understand your requirements.

Card Payments

We will process card payments for you and pay into any bank account of your choice. The same card system works both on our 0% commission website as well as The FoodHouse websites.

Customer Card Data

Our card system has an optional add on which allows your customers card details to be stored securely by our bank, meaning the customer can pay again with the same card.

Daily Payments

Get daily pay outs of your card payments with card fees already deducted, helping you manage your cashflow.

Multi Factor Delivery Pricing

Our delivery pricing can be via postcode, postcode sector or distance. Making it easier to setup and manage delivery pricing.

No Minimum Contract

On The FoodHouse website, we operate a no minimum contract policy and you can cancel anytime you wish.

Marketing and Digital Promotion

Being on The FoodHouse website means we do the marketing for you. So, you just need to worry about serving your customers. Our service also includes advice and support with your own website.

Website Updates

At The FoodHouse, we have a dedicated team managing the performance of our servers and websites all of the time. Making sure our service is as smooth as possible.

Alcohol Licences

If you have an alcohol licence to sell alcohol with food only. We can work with this both on your own 0% commission website and our FoodHouse website.

SMS Alerts

Our service allows a text alert if your shop has any orders waiting you have not processed. This service can text up to 3 people.

FREE Website

If you're listed on The FoodHouse website, we offer a free domain name and website you can promote.

Multifactor Discounts

The website allows various ways you can offer discount to your customers. For example 10% or 20% and excluding Meal Deals etc.

Quick Menu Turnaround

Unlike our competitors, we guarantee a fast and efficient turnaround with menu updates and changes.

No Commission

We have no commission as we charge the customer 50p on The FoodHouse, so there is no charge to you as the resturant.

Full Technical Support

We are IT experts and able to help with your pc, internet and phone setup and give expert advice where appropriate.

Customer Data

When operating your own 0% commission website we supply all your customer data on request for marketing etc.

Quick Website Setup

We can create your own website or add you to The FoodHouse normally within 5 working days or sooner.

Low Costs Setup

We are committed to offering an excellent service and to keeping our pricing low. Checkout our pricing structure below.

How Do I Receive Orders?

Sunmi T2 Printer

We can provide our 80m printer that can use your own Wi-Fi or sim card and print orders as soon as they arrive on your website.

Sunmi V2 Printer

We can provide our 58m printer that can use your own Wi-Fi or sim card and print orders as soon as they arrive on your website.

All methods to receive orders are available with all packages.
Note – you will require your own Wi-Fi/broadband connection or sim card to work with our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TablePay?

    TablePay is a new service we have which allows your customers to order and pay from your menu at their table. You only need to take the order to the customer. This reduces contact time with the customer to minimise risk.

  • What is a Service Fee?

    This is a fee charged by The FoodHouse on all orders instead of the restaurant paying a monthly fee. The Service Fee is received by The FoodHouse to cover our costs,  saving the restaurant up to £720 per year.

  • How much does it cost to sign up?

    Give us a call on 0800 464 7720 to discuss our current price plans. We have free sign up plans with commission or a paid startup with no commission.

  • What other charges are there on The FoodHouse website?

    Our card processing rates apply where a customer has paid by card, however other than this there is only the 50p service fee. Updates on The FoodHouse website are free.

  • Do you do apps?

    Yes, please contact us for more information on this.

  • Can I have different prices on The FoodHouse website than in my shop?

    No, ideally everything should be the same as to not confuse your customer. We are happy to work with you for offers and promotions on The FoodHouse and your own website.

  • Where can I see a demo of your website?

    Our demo website is available at or contact us for a demonstration. Our FREE website can be seen at

  • How quick do I receive money from card payments?

    This runs 5 working days behind, for example orders placed on a Monday will be paid to your bank the following Monday.

  • How can I market my own website?

    We deal with many businesses and can offer support and advice on what has worked best. Please ask us for more details. Our online store can also offer some other suggestions.

  • Can my website print in Chinese letters?

    是, Our website can take orders in English and print Chinese letters or any other language of your choice if you can provide us with the translation.

  • Can I change how I get my orders?

    Of course, we are happy to discuss with you which is the best way to get your orders.

  • A new owner has taken over, what do I do?

    Contact us as soon as possible to make sure money and payments are being sent to the correct bank account.

  • How can I close our website in an emergency or I am too busy?

    We have different systems and ways to do this, please ask us when we setup your website how this is done.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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