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The FoodHouse Portal, 0% Commission Website and APPS will make ordering food a lot easier for any potential customers.

Gateway Information


Card Processing fees vary depending on the amount you process through your own website

Card processing amount per month Fee
Up to £3000 2.5% + 25p + VAT
£3000 – £4000 2.3% + 25p+ VAT
£4000 – £6000 2.1% + 25p+ VAT
£6000+ 2.0% + 25p+ VAT

All payments made through the gateway will arrive in your bank 5 working days after collection via your website. With this platform, your business name appears on the customers bank statement, meaning they can easily identify where they have used their card to reduce disputes and fraud.

You must inform us if you think you are processing transactions to reduce your rates, this does not happen automatically.

Disputes and fraudulent transactions

All disputes and fraudulent transactions are charge at the cost of the transaction plus £15 and a 1.5% handling fee.

For a full list of our terms and conditions, you can see them here.


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