Making Online Ordering Easy

The FoodHouse Portal, 0% Commission Website and APPS will make ordering food a lot easier for any potential customers.

Our Price Breakdown – Monthly Payments

Please checkout our demonstration website to see exactly how our system works.

The basic breakdown of the website costs for a Zero Commission website and App are:


£50 – Website setup and initial cost (Minimum 6 months contract)
£25 – Website only Monthly OR 50p service fee to the customer

By choosing the Service Fee method there is no ongoing fees after the initial setup cost.

£250 – Website and App setup and initial cost (Minimum 6 months contract)
£50 – Website and App Monthly 
OR 50p service fee to the customer

£200 (£100 with Website and Apps) – POS Terminal Printer to recieve your orders.
£15 (per year) – domain like
£20 (per year) – .com domain like

Please contact us for more information.

The FoodHouse only (FREE Branded website and customer orders via

FREE to join with no commitment. No monthly fees or long term contract. Receive a FREE domain and branded website in your colours.

Customer pays 50p per transaction when they order via the website. See our demo at

Card Payments

Each transaction costs 2.5% + 25p + VAT  (that is the same as £10 order would cost 60p and a £20 order would cost 90p)
Payments will arrive in your bank 5 working days following the transaction with the processing fee automatically removed. For example: if you had a £10 card order your would automatically receive £9.40 in your bank account.

There is no charges for cash orders, you will receive 100% of the cash.

For a more detailed break down and more information please checkout our payment page.

Please contact us to create your own shop website and app.

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