Making Online Ordering Easy

The FoodHouse Portal, 0% Commission Website and APPS will make ordering food a lot easier for any potential customers.

Our Price Breakdown – Monthly Payments

Please checkout our demonstration website to see exactly how our system works.

The basic breakdown of the website costs for a Zero Commission website are:

£50 – Website setup and initial cost (Minimum 6 months contract)
£20 – Monthly (£5 per week)

£200 – SMS Printer cost
£10 per month – SIM card so no broadband is required
£15 (per year) – domain like
£20 (per year) – .com domain like

After 2 years:
£90 (or £7.50 per month) to keep the website running after the two years.

You will require a PC/Laptop or SMS printer to receive your orders or use our EPOS.
Please contact us for more information about this or checkout our information page.Apps

£200 – App setup and initial cost

£15 per month – Apple app
£15 per month – Android app

This is collected by Direct Debit or a debit card on the 1st of every month.
There is no contract with apps and they can be cancelled at any time.

Card Payments

£5 per month – standard fee
Each transaction costs 2.5% + 25p (that is the same as £10 order would cost 50p and a £20 order would cost 75p)
Payments will arrive in your bank 5 working days following the transaction with the processing fee automatically removed. For example: if you had a £10 order your would automatically receive £9.50 in your bank account.

For a more detailed break down and more information please checkout our payment page.

Please contact us to create your own shop website and app.

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