Making Online Ordering Easy

The FoodHouse Portal, 0% Commission Website and APPS will make ordering food a lot easier for any potential customers.

Text marketing

Our new text marketing service allows us to manage your marketing texts. We can load all your customers numbers onto your marketing plan, then we can text them as much as you wish.

The service is completely pay as you go and you just need to buy a bundle of texts for your campaign. They are priced as follows:

1000 texts – £70
2000 texts – £130
3000 texts – £180
4000 texts – £220
5000 texts – £250

Orders of 5000+ texts are charged at 4.75p per text when buying in bulk.

Texts purchased do not expire and can be used for multiple campaigns if required.

To keep it legal the customer can opt out of the service by texting a special number to be removed from the list.

If you have a list of numbers, we can text them on your behalf. Please note you CANNOT use this service to text numbers you have obtain from Just-Eat or Hungry House as this data belongs to the respective companies.

You can text customers who have used your website or from data extracted from an EPOS.

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